4th Place = Davey Rivers

Semi-Finalist = Jasmine Carter


4th Place = Ben Fox and Sally Pearson

6th Place = Anika Pai and Varun Kamath

Semi-Finalists = Tori Anderson and Aitana Martinez

Extemp Reading:

2nd Place = Claire Song – State Qualifier

3rd Place = Nikita Menon – State Qualifier

4th Place = Angie Lin

5th Place = Ike Nebeker

Extemp Speaking:

6th Place = Shreyas Sonbarse

Semi-Finalist = Madeline Burke

Great Speeches:

Semi-Finalist = Arnav Suryawanshi


2nd place = Caleb Martin – State Qualifier

5th Place = Rhea Sharma

Semi-Finalist = Sean Haung

Semi-Finalist = Aneesha Andrew

Semi-Finalist = Saurav Suryawanshi

Original Oratory:

Semi-Finalist = Sreya Kappagantula


3rd Place = Tala Alfoqaha – State Qualifier

4th Place = Anna Lippert


3rd Place – Rachel Tripp – State Qualifier

Team Award:

3rd Place