Resources & Information

Governing Speech Organizations

We participate under or at tournaments sponsored by:

  1. MSHSL or Minnesota State High School League
    -State Tournament April 16, 2016 at Lakeville North
    -State Qualifying Tournament for us is Saturday 4-9-16 = please note, second Saturday of EP School’s Spring Break!
  2. NSDA or National Speech and Debate Association
    -National Tournament in June – Salt Lake City
  3. NCFL or National Catholic Forensic League
    National Tournament in late May – Sacramento
  4. NIETOC or National Individual Events Tournament of Champions
    National Tournament in early May – Denver

Friday evening or Saturday morning ILLNESS procedure

EP Speech pays the host tournament $6 per entry. The final total is established the Wednesday of the week of the tournament…the Team pays the amount!

Please try to do your best to be as healthy as possible and participate…however, if illness does happen on Friday or Saturday morning:

  1. Call or Text Jason Meyer at 651-253-0924.
  2. Illness will only be excused if Jason Meyer receives a direct message from the parent or legal guardian (email preferred).
  3. Unexcused absence = no parent confirmation = unexcused late drop fee to the team of $10 before being allowed to participate in future tournaments